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Good Morning Miss Bliss – Season One – Episode 13- Stevie (Re-Upload)(TV Review)

In this week’s episode,, teen heartthrob Debbie Gibson , or is it Tiffany? I’m sorry, it’s Steve whom returns” to Bayside Junior High for a farewell “concert”, which of course leads to sex crimes as Zack sets about tricking Stevie into kissing him so he can win a bet (as one does when a pop star comes to one’s middle school). Join us for talk of Zack’s laundry, rehashed plotlines, and the debut of Doctor Bitz’s teen heartthrob alter ego, Jordyn.

So put on your best Tina Turner wig and tune into another FS Studio and Saved By The Bell Reviewed extravaganza.

The following is a collection of work made in part by their respective owners as well as the Filmmakers Studio to bring to you an analysis of your favorite hit TV Show.


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