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My passion for filmmaking started when I first watched the Actor’s Studio on Bravo. I was intrigued by the actor’s upbringing, their early influences, how they landed their roles, and their methods of acting. I then wanted to do that on a local level and start interviewing local filmmakers, which led me to learn to direct, edit, and micro-manage all facets of television production by producing these shows at the local cable access channel in Roseville, MN. All of the film interviews were also uploaded on my Youtube channel, but I didn’t anticipate the channel growing in subscribers.   After doing that for a while, I wanted to get away from utilizing the studio’s equipment and start investing in my editing and production equipment to produce my content. I was intrigued by movie and television history. I wanted to make that the focal point of my channel and started creating content related to film and television reviews. 

Production Services


Get a video script that converts well by working with me. A  story-driven, direct-response script for your next video will help you quickly increase views, engagement, and conversions.

We’ll create a script for any objective, campaign, or project, whether it’s a brand story, ad, training, etc.


You must concentrate on video marketing when it comes to marketing your web business in order to draw in new clients. With direct response and story-driven marketing techniques, you can increase traffic and encourage your audience to take action by deploying compelling, high-quality films.

It would help if you put your trust in a skilled video editor to produce compelling videos that are designed for viewer engagement and conversion rates. 


You’re here because you recognize the value of video creation and promotion. 

The written word and visuals are no longer sufficient for businesses. 

Although pertinent, that topic could be more interesting. 

Your target market requires a straightforward and friendly way to learn about your company and why they should rely on you to ease their suffering and solve their difficulties.

The brands who use video in all of their forms for their marketing and company will stay caught up and develop, whether it’s live streaming, interactive 360-degree films, augmented reality, or the most popular social media app of the day.

Here are five outstanding advantages of video creation (and the reasons you should start a video marketing strategy right away!):

1. Quickly raises brand awareness

2. Increases followers and engagement on social media

3. Informs your audience about the goods and services you offer

4. Develops a connection of trust with your existing and potential consumers

5. Viewers prefer video material to all other types.

We can help if you’re new to making films, have trouble staying consistent, or just want to work with a team of skilled professionals who can handle everything for you.

A Video Supply Production is a complete, expert video production for your company, channel, or video production. Our skilled team of directors and cinematographers will be in charge of you. Starting is simple; just choose your production type, send in your prep form, and our staff will do the rest. Our team will film with you for 8 hours during your one-day video shoot. Order more days by increasing the quantity in your order if you want to add more shoot days.

Most brands can shoot over 20 videos (RAW, unedited only) for various initiatives, campaigns, or projects. Filming 1–5 videos is required if a production needs more logistical support, such as location changes, props, hired talent, and more. 


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