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Cannon Films Countdown -Ten To Midnight (1983) – Movie Review

During the 1980’s Cannon Films was the trash can of cinema. Very rarely did they produce any film worthy of praise. Rugged actor extraordinaire Charles Bronson was unquestionably their greatest asset in their acting stable. Brosnon’s career was a painfully long time coming. Despite co-starring in Once Upon A Time in a West, The Dirty Dozen, and The Great Escape, all films that are considered down right classics, his career as a leading man didn’t materialize until the first Death Wish film. After Death Wish, Bronson generally started getting type casted as one-dimensional men who make their own rules inside and outside the law. 10 to Midnight is no exception and this film stars Bronson and let’s face it, people you can’t remember because in the Cannon Films library very rarely do you recognize more than one or two names.
There really isn’t much to analyze in 10 to Midnight because it’s pretty simple. Bronson plays a detective named Leo Kessler who is tracking down a serial killer who is knifing girls butt naked. The killer, named Warren Stacy, is played by Gene Davis who does a pretty good job in this film. Davis manages to make the Stacy character as rather twisted and yet pathetic. You certaintly would not rank Waren with Lecter or Kevin Spacey’s killer in Se7en but it’s harsh to dismiss Stacy out-right. He fits into the cheesy atmosphere.


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