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Cannon Films Countdown – LIfeforce (1985) – Movie Review

‘Lifeforce’ 1985 which technically has Patrick Stewart in it.
It’s a spooky derelict alien spaceship movie, no it’s a space vampire movie, no it’s a psychic alien body snatcher movie, no it’s a viral zombie plague movie, no it’s OST by the full London Symphony Orchestra.
It’s an Uzumaki movie it’s a love story.
It’s a puppet show, it’s Ghostbusters 2
It’s a drinking game, its an ad for Volvo™️. It’s a story about one man and his sword
It’s a story about finally ending the British empire. It’s a story about why pumping money into a film doesn’t make it better.
It’s it’s a story about monsterf*ckers i
It’s an allegory for queer love.
It’s a Windows XP ‘ribbons’ screensaver.
It’s over? That’s the ending? ? Really? Well then.


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