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Cannon Films Countdown – American Ninja II: The Confrontation (1987) (Review)

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Plot Summary :
Coming up next on the Cannon Films countdown is a modern celluloid classic that ranks right up there with Godzilla films in terms of depth, plot, and mad ninja skills. It’s pretty obvious when viewing that Stevie Wonder was in charge of the camera work with direction from David Hasselhoff, and special effects done by Shoestring on A Budget Inc.

Watch in awe as a non descript ninja get a beating, choke as you drive an oil tanker through the gaping holes in the script, look away in disgust as a burly Marine gets his USMC issued dress tunic ripped and torn off him in a homo-erotic struggles inside a drinking establishment, cry with joy when the heroes finally defeat the enemy and high five each other at the same time complementing each other physiques with a friendly bit of banter such as ,”Have you been working out?”. It’s a bit like Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon but with beer bosoms as Michael Dudikoff returns for American Ninja II.


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