July 7, 2023

When Hobie Smooches Shaunie (A Baywatch Film)

I have to admit when I saw the episode of Season One Episode 19 - We Need A Vacation I knew I had to do this one. It reminded me so much of the Sandlot, Fatal Attraction, and a newest trailer to an Indie movie from 2013 called the Teacher . What I found quite surprising was the fact that the writers decided that they should explore the taboo subject of a 13 yr old putting the moves on a much older woman like Shauni (Erika Eleniak) who was 24 during the year this was filmed which was 1990. Apparently they thought this was good Network Television. So what I did was make a more "Modern" version trailer of what really would have happened and the consequences of her actions as a adult following through with it.