July 18, 2023

Cannon Films Countdown -Ten To Midnight (1983) – Movie Review

During the 1980's Cannon Films was the trash can of cinema. Very rarely did they produce any film worthy of praise. Rugged actor extraordinaire Charles Bronson was unquestionably their greatest asset in their acting stable. Brosnon's career was a painfully long time coming. Despite co-starring in Once Upon A Time in a West, The Dirty Dozen, and The Great Escape, all films that are considered down right classics, his career as a leading man didn't materialize until the first Death Wish film. After Death Wish, Bronson generally started getting type casted as one-dimensional men who make their own rules inside and outside the law. 10 to Midnight is no exception and this film stars Bronson and let's face it, people you can't remember because in the Cannon Films library very rarely do you recognize more than one or two names. There really isn't much to analyze in 10 to Midnight because it's pretty simple. Bronson plays a detective named Leo Kessler who is tracking down a serial killer who is knifing girls butt naked. The killer, named Warren Stacy, is played by Gene Davis who does a pretty good job in this film. Davis manages to make the Stacy character as rather twisted and yet pathetic. You certaintly would not rank Waren with Lecter or Kevin Spacey's killer in Se7en but it's harsh to dismiss Stacy out-right. He fits into the cheesy atmosphere.

July 17, 2023

Cannon Films Countdown – American Ninja II: The Confrontation (1987) (Review)

Due to a copyright claim by Paramount, the movie review can be seen in it's entirety by visiting the link below: https://odysee.com/@FilmmakersStudio:e/americanninjaIIreview:b Plot Summary : Coming up next on the Cannon Films countdown is a modern celluloid classic that ranks right up there with Godzilla films in terms of depth, plot, and mad ninja skills. It's pretty obvious when viewing that Stevie Wonder was in charge of the camera work with direction from David Hasselhoff, and special effects done by Shoestring on A Budget Inc. Watch in awe as a non descript ninja get a beating, choke as you drive an oil tanker through the gaping holes in the script, look away in disgust as a burly Marine gets his USMC issued dress tunic ripped and torn off him in a homo-erotic struggles inside a drinking establishment, cry with joy when the heroes finally defeat the enemy and high five each other at the same time complementing each other physiques with a friendly bit of banter such as ,"Have you been working out?". It's a bit like Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon but with beer bosoms as Michael Dudikoff returns for American Ninja II.

July 17, 2023

Cannon Films Countdown – American Ninja 4 (1990) (Review)

Here are only a few reasons why this movie surpasses even Plan 9 as the worst movie ever made. 1. Every cliche in the book has been written in. Like the soldier coming to the retired American Ninja at his Peace Corps classroom to ask for his help in rescuing the other American Ninja where the retired ninja responds "I told you the last time, it was the last time." BAM! 2. All the bad ninjas are COLORCODED! Don't know which ninja is more skilled than the others? Well, they're all wearing prime colors and you know which one is the boss because he's got an eyepatch. 3. The American Ninja enlists the help of some kind of retro-80's junkyard gang to take on the bad ninjas like something out of Mad Max. 4. Lastly we have scenes like the recently un-retired ninja fashioning a new sword. One scene he's got what looks like a led pipe and an grinder and in the next he's got a perfectly polished sword. The best scene however, is where the American Ninja, wearing a t-shirt and jeans is about to attack the bad ninja castle when he jumps into a convenient hole in the ground and immediately jumps back out in full black ninja gear. OH WAIT! I forgot about the scene when he catches a crossbow arrow in his teeth and stabs the guy next to him with it while it's still in his mouth. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this movie. Nothing like a good chuckle and no brain cells required. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good bathos.

July 17, 2023

Cannon Films Countdown – American Ninja (1985)

Michael Dudikoff is an American soldier named Joe Armstrong who overcomes his own smoldering good looks and slowly begins to remember that he has ninja training (courtesy of his adoptive Japanese father-figure). Shenanigans abound on his Army base involving stolen weapons & bad guy ninjas. Newly acquired best friend Sgt Jackson gives Joe the understanding and constant touching he needs. The horn guy goes crazy on the soundtrack. Swords abound but somehow there's not a single Nunchuk to be found?!!